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Future-Proof Your Buildings with Commercial Ductwork Sealing

A webinar hosted by OECM and Nerva Energy, Wednesday, June 23 from 2 pm to 3 pm.

Join OECM and Nerva Energy to learn about this new service offering for Commercial Ductwork Sealing and Related Services.

This educational webinar will help shed light on these crucial topics:

        •  Understanding the pervasiveness of ductwork leakage, why it occurs in nearly all buildings, and at what rates.
        •  Explanation of the impact of ductwork leakage on indoor air quality, energy efficiency, and greenhouse gas emissions.
        • Describing innovative technology that allows Nerva to seal ductwork ‘from-the-inside’.
        • Presenting Nerva’s 5-Phase approach to duct sealing, and how its focused on improving total airflow.
        • Making the case as to why now is the time to rectify this previously hidden/unknown problem in our buildings.
        • Real-world results from schools and hospitals in Ontario.
        • Q&A with Josh Lewis, recipient of the AEE International Energy Innovator of the Year Award.

NERVA Energy will also offer OECM clients a complimentary “project review and analysis”, providing public sector organizations with engineering advice tailored to their specific facility and portfolio needs.


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