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The Climate Change Leaders™ Program

Thomas Cole Inc. (TCI) is a consultancy that works with school boards, universities, colleges, and healthcare to enhance the health and quality of facilities while reducing greenhouse gas emissions and utility costs through the Climate Change Leaders program.

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Our 360 Approach

TCI’s 360-degree approach allows us to provide services from a team of experienced partners to the education sector and other sectors, including healthcare. Our offerings include:

  • Infrastructure Renewal
  • Energy performance contracting and monitoring
  • Proven financing models to mitigate risk and maximize results
  • Educational programming
  • Stakeholder communications plans and execution
  • Events commemorating successful outcomes.

TCI helps clients transition to greener, healthier facilities, and provide value-added experiential learning to school boards and colleges. Visit About TCI for more information.

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In addition, TCI works with the education sector to enhance air quality and building-occupant safety through its signature Cleaner Air For Schools and Cleaner Air For Campuses initiatives. These programs incorporate REME-LED and Duct-sealing technologies that are proven to neutralize over 99.9% of viruses, bacteria and other microbes from the air and surfaces.

Cleaner Air For Schools
Cleaner Air for Campuses
About TCI
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Helping schools, campuses, long- term care facilities and hospitals reduce the spread of COVID-19, through the combined use of Duct Sealing and Active Air Purification Technologies.

REME-LED and duct sealing technologies support

  • occupant health and safety
  • improved airflow and air quality

Energy-efficient solutions

  • 24/7 sanitization in schools
  • 99.9% elimination of Covid-19 on surfaces and in air
  • reduces energy and carbon


Climate Change LeadersWe all have the right to clean air, water and safe food.  How can we work together to mitigate climate change, reduce carbon and create jobs and educational value?

TCI is the founder of Climate Change LeadersTM (CCL).

CCL is a learning partnership between Colleges and School Districts, focused on transforming schools to carbon-neutral and linking technology transformation to student experiential learning.

TCI/CCL envisions a world where youth are inspired to a noble purpose and equipped with the skills and knowledge to live a sustainable future.


As a learning partnership, CCL focuses on transforming schools to a carbon-neutral model and linking technology transformation to student experiential learning to support tomorrow’s skills.


TCI/CCL envisions a world where youth are inspired to a noble purpose, and are equipped with the skills and knowledge to live in a sustainable future.

To provide sound advice coupled with the highest level of service and products available

Collaboration/Inclusion – Together we’re better, and we can go farther with our collaborative partners
Respect – Respect the earth, others and yourself
Inspiration – Lead by example, so others will act
Innovation – Make a difference – think outside the box
Impact – Create change that promotes youth and community wellness

TMClimate Change Leaders is s registered trademark and property of Thomas Cole Inc.



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Covering topics from mitigating COVID-19
to skills gap to climate change action.

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