The New Healthy Building Podcast Ep.10


How this Pandemic has Impacted Learning for our Kids Today, we set out to understand why this goal is so important. What is the full extent of how this pandemic has impacted learning for our kids. And to find out, we had the frontlines ahead, you'll hear from three different educators, from schools with different focuses different teaching modalities, and different age groups. And while we learn about some important silver linings to the past couple of years, we learned to why there's also no substitute for getting kids back into the classroom, listen in… SPEAKERS Marc Brims, Head [...]

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The New Healthy Building Podcast Ep.9


Wellness and Why Getting Back to In-Person in Healthy Shared Spaces, Matters Today we take a deep dive into wellness with someone who spent 45 years in and around this subject area. Bill Hogarth is the former School Director of York Region District School Board. He's the former Chair of Seneca College. He's on the current Board of Governors for Guelph University and the Center for Addiction and Mental Health CAMH. He's President of Education, Research, Development and Innovation. And he's part of the TCI, Climate Change Leaders, Cleaner Air for Schools team, trying to make [...]

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The New Healthy Building Podcast Ep.8


As Energy Costs Soar — Cut Costs and Save the Planet Today we focus on rising energy and carbon costs and the impact on school board facilities. Tim Cresswell provides deeper insights on how to reduce your carbon footprint, save the planet, keep your people safer with increased ventilation, and save a ton on energy costs. That is low hanging fruit. I sat down with Tim again, just to dig a little deeper into how all this happens… SPEAKERS Liz Beatty, CJ, Marie Cresswell, Tim Cresswell, Tim Ellis Liz Beatty 00:09 I'm Liz Beatty and [...]

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The New Healthy Building Podcast Ep.5


Best in Class Technologies for Ontario’s Safe Return to School Featuring Thomas Cole Inc. CEO Tim Cresswell, hosted and produced by Liz Beatty Thomas Cole Inc. CEO Tim Cresswell Thomas Cole Inc. CEO Tim Cresswell represents leading air purification technologies in Ontario, Canada; solutions that fight Covid-19 and reduce carbon footprints. He's back with us to talk about Premier Ford's Safe Return to School plan. Tim talks about the key elements of an effective safe return to school strategy: increased airflow, and active air purification. Listen in... Liz:  I’m Liz Beatty, This [...]

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The New Healthy Building Podcast Ep.4


Lloyds of London Endorse REME-LED to Protect Employees Across All Locations Featuring Andrew Hobbs Managing Director of Better Indoors, hosted and produced by Liz Beatty Andrew Hobbs, CEO, Healthy Indoor Environments Ltd t/a Better Indoors There’s a bright spotlight these days on indoor air quality, like never before. But with that attention, companies are popping up, each promising a panacea of results.  It’s hard to make sense of it all, to know what solutions are the real deal.  Misinformation abounds. TCI, Nerva, we stand behind the industry-leading solutions of RGF for three key reasons: They are [...]

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