Thomas Cole Inc. has over 30 years’ experience enhancing the quality of the teaching and learning environment through a sustainable lens.

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20 Years Experience


Thomas Cole Inc. has over 30 years’ experience enhancing the quality of the teaching and learning environment; 20 years of experience in providing an occupant-behaviour programs to further reduce energy and carbon and 20 years providing community engagement and school board communications and four years as Climate Change Leaders and Cleaner Air Programs.

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Renewable Projects


Overall through the work that TCI has provided, 2,500 schools in Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan have received $500 million in school-renewal projects which generated $50 million in energy savings, reducing greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) by 20%. In addition TCI has work with University Campus facilities renewal projects which have also seen a 20% reduction in GHGs.


Climate Change Leaders


For the past 20 years, TCI has developed strategies that align and engage learning communities in sustainable practices in over 3,000 schools, colleges and universities, and in the clean-tech sector. TCI launched Climate Change Leaders February 11, 2020, a learning partnership focused on transforming public buildings to a carbon-neutral; linking technology to student experiential learning to support tomorrow’s skills, capacity and capability to transform to a low carbon community.

Brand Strategies


In the mid-to-late 1990s, we spearheaded the Better Schools Partnership® (BSP), a brand strategy that generated new capital for school-building renewal, resulting in an enhanced learning and teaching environment. In 2005 a new strategy was developed and launched – QTLE (Quality Teaching and Learning Environments) – which addressed school-building hindrances that impact teaching and student learning.




In 2003, TCI co-created EarthCARE (EC), An Environmental Youth Leadership Program, for students in Grades K-12. This program was woven into the provincial curriculum, and engaged 100,000 students in their schools’ efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). EC also trimmed millions of dollars of waste through recycling, improved water management and other key efforts.

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Our Offering

TCI is backed by an experienced team of professionals who bring a depth and breadth of skills to the table, from diverse fields including education, renewable energy, energy advisory, technology, business and communications.

With this the capacity, capability and expertise, we are pleased to offer our clients a broad range of services, including:

Dalhousie University Infrastructure Renewal
and Sustainability Project

Join Over 290,000 students, 690 schools in our Climate Change Leaders Community

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