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Healthy, Sustainable Learning Environments

Established in 2000, Thomas Cole Inc. (TCI) has been developing strategies to improve learning and teaching environments, college and university and healthcare facilities while significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. TCI combines a passion for the environment, extensive experience with K-12 and postsecondary education, and a mandate to foster a culture of sustainability and global citizenry.

With Canada’s Paris Accord on Climate Change, the TCI strategy further evolved to become what is now Climate Change LeadersTM (CCL). The purpose of CCL is to transform school buildings to a carbon-neutral model.

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Our experienced team consists of subject matter experts, retired Education CEOs, Retired Healthcare Senior Managers, Financial and Contract Advisors, Energy and Sustainability Advisors.

Our goal is to help you achieve your strategic and your GHG reduction goals in an affordable timely fashion. We can work with your contractors and vendors; help you secure available grants and financing; and develop relevant experiential programming and communications.

Together, we will help meet Canada’s commitment to the Paris Accord and help reduce our impact on the earth so that future generations will be blessed with natures gifts, safe food, clean water and clean air.

Tim Cresswell Photo

Tim Cresswell, CEO, TCI and Co-founder, CCL
Role: Climate Change Leader project strategist and client relationships
Experience: 35 years, energy performance contracting, $500 million in EPC projects, building rehabilitation

Tim Cresswell, CEO, TCI and Co-founder, CCL

Tim’s background with school districts goes back to 1988 when Tim developed energy performance contracts (EPC) for school districts. Since that time Tim has developed over $500 million in EPC projects totaling 2,500 schools across Ontario, BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan. In addition to EPC development Tim develop four school district solar projects through the Ontario feed in tariff program. The very first solar school project in Ontario was Grand Erie DSB. In total Tim developed over $40 million in solar projects. Tim also was instrumental in developing the first carbon neutral school in Canada in partnership with London Catholic DSB Natural Resources Canada.  Tim recently introduced the first pilot an active in duct air purification technology that is lab tested and proven to combat COVID 19 in partnership with Grand Erie DSB, Mohawk Climate Change Leaders and Nerva Energy.

In the mid to late 90’s Tim shifted strategy to create what was called the “Better Schools Partnership” BSP, enhanced strategies to improve the quality of teaching and learning environment, creating capital for school building renewal.

In 2018 Tim co-founded and developed Climate Change Leaders (CCL),  a learning hub with Mohawk College and ten area school districts, 290,000 students and 690 with a common goal of transforming school buildings to carbon neutral and linking the technology transformation with student learning engagement.

The Mohawk CCL launched in February 2020 another first in Ontario providing new curriculum, dual credits, SHSM, student co-ops and career path advancement leading to jobs in clean technology, to support a circular economy.

Lives and works in:  Burlington, Ontario


BA Laurentian University, Commerce 1979

Founded Co-founded Climate Change Leaders in 2017

Passion: nature, boating and people

Little known fact:  Tim has Tony Robbins certification for coaching and enjoys helping others.

Favourite Quote: 
“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others?”– Martin Luther King

Marie Cresswell Photo

Marie Cresswell, President TCI, Co-founder, CCL
Role: Stakeholder Engagement & Communications Lead
Experience: 30 years, including 20 years with school boards

As a lifelong lover of nature, influenced by leaders like Dr. David Suzuki and Randy Hayes, past President of the Rain Forest Action Network Marie has learned from the best. “For me protecting nature is a natural instinct and a has been a priority of mine for years as well as creating opportunities for youth to thrive and contribute as global citizens and that is why Climate Change Leaders™ is such an important partnership to me”, says Marie.

Marie has been instrumental in developing the branding, communications and community engagement for sustainability programs like EarthCARE, An Environmental Youth Leadership Program, for students K-12 designed to help meet Kyoto protocol in Ontario in late 90s to late 2000. Working with David Suzuki (Suzuki Foundation and Blue Dot Tour), Randy Hayes (Rainforest Action Network) and other leaders in sustainability, Marie began to create a grass roots movement with partners and school district clients to educate and inspire youth as leaders.

While working with a variety of energy and educational partners, Marie helped create meaningful media messages, events and PR to promote the positive work being done to promote carbon reduction, quality learning environments and experiential learning in schools and campuses.

Building on the grass roots movement and Climate Change Action in Ontario, Marie co-founded Climate Change Leaders™ learning hub a learning hub with Mohawk College and ten area school districts, with a common goal of transforming school buildings to carbon neutral creating curriculum, cooperatives and jobs in clean technology, to support a circular economy.

Lives and works in: Burlington, Ontario

Education: Advertising Diploma Sheridan College, Commercial Photography Diploma, Digital Marketing , Accounting, Business, McMaster University

Founded: Thomas Cole Inc. in 2000, Co-founded Climate Change Leaders in 2017

Passion: nature, photography, kayaking and people

Little known fact: Marie protects rattle snakes and turtles, safely moving them out of harm’s way in Honey Harbour.

Favourite Quote: “Be the change you want to see in the world” Mahatma Gandhi

Tony Cupido Photo

Tony Cupido, Co-founder, CCL
Role: Mohawk College: Research Chair Sustainability, Internal Consultant to school boards
Experience: Focused on technology research, and education lead for K-12 learning partnership

Anthony (Tony) Cupido, Research Chair, Sustainability

Throughout his successful career, Tony has been a strong advocate and early adopter of green building practices, policy development and related education.

Tony played a key role in coordinating the Climate Change Leaders partnership between Mohawk College and ten local school districts.  As a passionate leader in the field of sustainability and low carbon, he is providing leadership for building capacity and capability in clean technology and a low carbon community.

In his leadership capacity at Mohawk College, he was responsible for the planning, design, construction and operation of Canada’s largest institutional, zero carbon building – The Joyce Centre for Partnership and Innovation. This award-winning facility became the first to achieve dual certification under the CaGBC’s Zero Carbon Building program.  He has participated, nationally and internationally, in numerous speaking engagements and formal lectures and has been a strong proponent for high performance buildings.  He has always had a focus on green buildings and policy and enjoys working with students to advance their knowledge on sustainability and carbon reduction.   As a current member of the Board of Directors of the Canada Green Building Council he is providing a strong advocacy role for better teaching and learning environments.

Lives and works in:  Hamilton, Ontario


  • Ph.D.  (Civil Engineering), McMaster University
  • Master of Engineering (Civil), McMaster University
  • Bachelor of Engineering Science (Civil), Western University

Passion: gardening, golf, great wine and people

Little known fact: Tony uses Dollar Store cotton mop head strands to tie his tomato plants.  It protects the plants and Finches peck at them to create little cotton balls for their nests!

Favourite Quote:  “When the going gets tough…..the tough get going!”
Frances William Leahy – Notre Dame Football coach

Marcel Lavoie Photo

Marcel Lavoie, Co-founder, CCL
Role: National Research Council, lead for high-performance buildings
Experience: Focused on building technology research, new technology to drive high-performance buildings

Marcel Lavoie, Business Development Leader, High Performance Buildings Program

Marcel is proud to be one of the actors in Canada’s Low Carbon Economy, working for the National Research Council’s (NRC), Construction Research Centre’s, High Performance Buildings Program.

Marcel played an important role in contributing to the Climate Change Leaders construct. Marcel is relatively new to the Sustainability game, he has been at the NRC for three years in his current role. The previous 25 plus years were spent as a successful Senior Business Director and Business Manager in High Technology sales and business development in both Public and Commercial Sectors.

Marcel has been a very quick study of the Sustainability and Low Carbon Economy sector supporting:  business innovation, government policy (reducing GHGs in the Federal, Provincial and Municipal building portfolio) and primary research. He is focused on innovative solutions including: building physics which result in lower emissions; building IT systems and analytics which result in lower O&M costs; smart energy grid which results in lower energy cost and finally the human factors associated with green buildings which results in collateral benefits of greater organizational productivity.

Marcel’s role includes being a national “connector” for the Public Sector, Academia and Industry focused on impacts and outcomes of social and economic benefits. As a current member of the Board of Directors of the Ottawa Chapter of the Canada Green Building Council he is providing a strong advocacy role for the local community, which includes the Canadian Federal Government.

Lives and works in:  Ottawa, Ontario with Nadia and our two children Juliana and Jacob


Bachelor of Social Sciences, University of Ottawa

Passions: Cycling, golf, hockey, cardio/ weight training and reading

Little known fact: Coached Youth Soccer for over 15 years

Favorite Quote:  “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”  – Sir Winston Churchill

Larry Hope Photo

Larry Hope
Role: Education Strategy Advisor TCI

Larry Hope, Education Strategy Advisor TCI

Larry’s career in public education spanned 30 years in two school boards in Ontario.  During that time, he had the opportunity to develop leadership skills in a number of roles, including 15 years in senior administration, with the last 12 being Director of Education.  His extensive involvement with government as well as work Trustees and the public has given him deep understanding of public policy, the value of effective governance and the importance of relationship building to achieve shared success.  Larry’s close attention to detail and the process of change management has allowed him to successfully lead the development of multiple Strategic Plans and the implementation of numerous innovative and inclusive initiatives.

Larry has supported or led a number of large-scale initiatives provincially.  His notable achievements include being a long time Education Partner with the Education Research Development and Innovation (ERDI) Corporation, a founding board member and Secretary of the Board with Conseil des associations en education pour les avantages sociaux/Education Council of Associations for Benefits (CAEAS/ECAB) having responsibility for the establishment of a provincial benefits trust for 7500 non-unionized school board employees, and a member of the Labour Relations Council (LRC) on behalf of the Ontario Public School Boards’ Association (OPSBA).  Larry has served on the executive of the Council of Ontario Directors of Education (CODE) and at retirement, was the Chair of Public CODE.  He has been a key member of a number of high profile committees, including Ontario’s Special Education Funding Working Group for over 10 years, the Minister’s First Nation, Metis and Inuit Education Advisory Council and the Minister’s Reference Group on Pupil Accommodation Reviews. 

Lives and works in:  Kawartha Lakes, Ontario


Supervisory Officer’s Certificate, Ontario Principals’ Council, 2003
Master of Education, Lakehead University, 2001
Bachelor of Arts, Lakehead University, 1990

Joined Thomas Cole Inc. in 2020

Passion: sustainable fishing, hunting, outdoor activity

Little known fact: Larry and his family have a small hobby farm where they raise goats, chickens and horses

Favourite Quote:  “Panic Slowly”

Wayne Joudrie Photo

Wayne Joudrie, Co-founder, CCL and Education Strategy Advisor, TCI

Former School Director Grand Erie DSB, former Director of Halton DSB, past Executive Director, P-CODE.
Experience: 45 years

Wayne Joudrie, Education Consultant

Wayne Joudrie is the recently retired Executive Director of the Public Council of Ontario Directors of Education and an Executive Consultant specializing in the K-12 Education sector with extensive experience in leadership and operations of all aspects of a school district. He has a history of promoting high levels of student achievement while promoting safety and well-being for students and staff. Wayne held a number of senior executive positions in the K12 education and post-secondary education sectors:

  • President, Mohawk College Foundation
  • Director of Education and Secretary, Halton District School Board
  • Director of Education and Secretary, Grand Erie District School Board
  • Superintendent of Education, Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board
  • Superintendent of Schools, Wentworth County Board of Education


1990-91 M.B.A. Program, McMaster University (3 courses completed)
1980 M.Ed., Brock University
1977 B.Ed., O.T.E.C. Hamilton
1975 B.Sc., McMaster University

Professional Certification:

  • 2011-18 CuSource Credit Union Director Certificate
  • 2009 Crucial Conversations Certificate
  • 2009 Rotman Directors’ Institute Certificate,
  • 1995 Non-Violent Crisis Intervention Certificate
  • 1985 Supervisory Officer’s Certificate
  • 1983 Principal’s Qualification, Part II
  • 1983 Special Education, Specialist

Featured Experience:

Public Education

  • 2011-15 Development and Supervision of the Mohawk College Foundation
  • 2006-10 Development and Supervision of the HDSB Strategic Plan and Operating Plans
  • 2006-10 Executive Member of CODE representing the GTA School Boards
  • 2003-05 Development and Supervision of the GEDSB Strategic Plan and Operating Plans

Consulting Services

  • 2011-19 PCODE Executive Director
  • 2010-2020 Executive Advisor West Education Group
  • 2018-20 Executive Advisor- MCW
  • 2019-20 Executive Advisor- IQ-eSports
  • 2019-20 Special Advisor to the Minister of Education-NNDSB

Community Service

  • 2014-18 Chair, Hamilton Foundation for Student Success
  • 2010-20 Director, Vice Chair and Chair, Tandia Financial Credit Union
  • 2010-13 Director and Committee Chair, Royal Botanical Gardens
  • 2007-11 Cabinet, Burlington-Hamilton United Way
  • 2006-10 President, Bay Area Centre for Skills Development and Training
  • 2005-10 President, Halton Learning Foundation
Bill Hogarth Photo

Bill Hogarth, Co-founder, CCL and Education Advisor, TCI

Former School Director York Region DSB, former Chair at Seneca College, current Board of Governors for Guelph University and CAMH, President of ERDI
Experience: 45 years

Bill Hogarth, Education Consultant

A collaborative senior leader who, in periods of both expansion and consolidation over the past 40 years in two school boards, has had a broad range of experiences: expertise in developing and implementing strategic plans, Board policy, Ministry regulations, as well as curriculum and professional development programs. A confident team player who is perceptive, proactive, visionary and results oriented. A self-motivated individual who values excellence in student achievement, positive student and staff morale, good communication, meaningful partnerships, and who agrees with the values embodied in the mission statement.



Doctor of Laws, York University
Master of Education, University of Toronto
Bachelor of Arts (Honours), University of Waterloo
Bachelor of Arts, Laurier University


Ontario Teacher’s Certificate, York University
Supervisory Officer, Ministry of Education
Program Supervision and Evaluation, Trent University
Program Development and Implementation, York University
Principal’s Qualifications K-13

Areas of Expertise:

  • Education Planning
  • Governance
  • Student Wellness

Professional Affiliations:

  • Council Ontario Directors of Education
  • Ontario Public Supervisory Officers’ Association
  • Regional Education Council Barrie
  • Leadership Alliance Network for Student Achievement
  • Institute for Education Leadership
  • The Learning Partnership
  • Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto
  • Rotman School of Business
  • Learning Consortium Steering Committee
  • Think Tank – Ontario Researchers
  • Ontario Directors of Education Leadership Institute
  • Classroom Connections Advisory Board
  • Miller Thompson Foundation Board of Governors Scholarship Fund
  • Ontario Institute for Studies in Education Advisory Board
  • OISE Partnership Learning Consortium
  • International Student Exchanges (ISE) Board of Directors
  • Education Research Development Institute
  • Junior Achievement Board of Governors
  • National Centre for Medical Device Development (NCMDD) Steering Committee (partnership with York University for research in bio-technology, K-12 application)
  • York University partnership for delivery of additional qualification courses for teachers
  • Queen’s University International partnership on Co-operative Education

FEATURED EXPERIENCE – Professional Activities


  • Climate Change Leaders – education plan and strategy for multiple boards
  • Trained in organizational development leading to invitations from:
    • Minister of Education Leadership
    • Minister of Education Provincial Negotiations
    • Parramatta Board of Education, Australia
    • York University Principals’ Course
    • Oxford County Evaluation Committee
    • Secondary School Teams to present leadership and strategic planning processes
    • Haldeman County Senior Staff

K-12 Education

  • Director of Education, York Region District School Board (DATES)
  • Georgina Trades Training Inc. (GTTI)
  • Community Alliance for York Region Education (CAYRE) Board of Directors
  • Character Community Foundation of York Region
  • York Region Board of Education: Director of Education from (DATES)

Post-Secondary Education

  • Seneca College Board of Governors Executive Committee – Vice Chair Seneca College Board of Governors
  • York University Alumni Award Committee
  • York University Knowledge Mobilization
  • York University Biotech

York Region Community Partnerships

  • York Region Human Services Planning Coalition
  • York Region Advisory Forum Committee on Children, Youth and Families
  • Seneca College Board of Governors Executive Committee – Vice Chair
  • Seneca College Board of Governors
  • York University Alumni Award Committee
  • York University Knowledge Mobilization
  • York University Biotech
  • ABEL Broadband Enabled Learning Committee
  • York Regional Police Liaison/Partnerships
  • Regional Joint Senior Administrative Committee with Health Services (nutrition, healthy communities)
  • York Region Learning Connection
  • United Way of York Region Campaign Cabinet
  • Georgina Trades Training Inc. (GTTI)
  • Community Alliance for York Region Education (CAYRE) Board of Directors
  • Character Community Foundation of York Region
  • Artslink Management Committee


2002      Phi Delta Kappa – University of Toronto, Educator of the Year
2004      Ottawa – CATAlliance Canadian Innovation Award for Public Sector Leadership
2006      OPSOA Award of Distinction
2006      Humber College Honorary Diploma
2007      The Learning Partnership Tribute Award as Champion of Public Education in Canada
2009      Markham African Caribbean Association Excellence in Education
2009      Korean Community Appreciation Leadership Award
2009      Special Education VIP Award
2010       Tamil Community Education Excellence Award
2010       Sir Lanken Graduates of Canada Outstanding Educator Award

As a lifelong learner, the journey continues through the Presidency of ERDI(Educational Research Development Institute), sitting on 7 boards, consulting, speaking and writing on educational issues. 

Liz Beatty Photo

Roger Holliss
Role: Healthcare Advisor

Roger Holliss, Healthcare Advisor

Roger Holliss, former Director of Facilities for St. Mary’s Healthcare. Bringing a wealth of healthcare facilities experience, knowledge and skill, Roger works with TCI and Nerva to optimize effective methods to mitigate air leakage in Healthcare facilities by providing ventilation and HVAC optimization, repair and sealing to support CSA compliance.

With a Masters of Engineering Science from Western University and 20-plus years of hands-on experience operating, renovating & constructing HCFs, and working with two national healthcare associations, Roger provides a well-rounded perspective to healthcare organizations.

Lyse-Anne Papineau Photo

Lyse-Anne Papineau
Role: Education Strategy Advisor, TCI
Experience: 32 years

Lyse-Anne Papineau, Education Consultant

Lyse-Anne Papineau is the recently retired Director of Education, Secretary and Treasurer du Conseil scolaire catholique du Nouvel-Ontario and Co-partner of Entreprise TLP, a consulting firm. With over 32 years of experience in Education, she spent 18 of those years in senior leadership positions such as Director, Associate Director, Superintendent of Education and Associate Superintendent. She has led two ambitious multi-year strategic plans, including 2012-2017 and 2018-2023. Fluently bilingual, she acquired extensive knowledge and experience at the provincial and regional level surrounding issues that effected all sectors of Education.   At the international level, she has established two partnership agreements in International Catholic Education with Belgium and France. She is recognized as a leader and a mentor in areas such as strategic planning, data assessment and measurement, implementation of learning communities, capacity building within an organization, labor relations, bargaining and conflict resolution to name a few.  Under her leadership, le CSC Nouvelon ranked 1st in the 2019 Top Energy Performing School Boards Report.  Her commitment to the success, safety and well-being of students and staff members has always been her priority and was reflected in her decisions.   She also focused on ensuring that schools were healthy, safe, sustainable, inclusive, innovative environments where students learned and thrived to become responsible environmental citizens and proud contributors to society.



Master’s in Educational Administration, University of Ottawa
Bachelor of Education, Laurentian University
Bachelor of Arts, Law and Justice, Laurentian University


Ontario Teacher’s Certificate, Laurentian University
Supervisory Officer, Ministry of Education
Principal’s Qualification, K-13
Specialist – Computers in the Classroom
Seven Habits of Highly Effective People, Certified Trainor

Areas of Expertise:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Gouvernance
  • Policy and procedures
  • Culture Change of an Organization
  • Student and Staff Safety and Well-Being

Featured Experience:


  • Conseil ontarien des directions de l’éducation de langue française (CODELF); présidente 2018-19
  • Conseil ontarien des directions de l’éducation catholique de langue française (CODEC); présidente 2010-14
  • Executive Member of CODE representing French Catholic School Boards; 2017-19
  • Board of Directors du Centre franco-ontarien des ressources pédagogiques; 2009-19
  • Comité responsable de l’éducation catholique/Table scolaire (COREC); présidente 2010-15
  • Provincial Bargaining Teams – Representing French Catholic School Boards (AFOCSC)

Community Service

  • Member of the Board of Directors, Health Sciences North (HSN), Sudbury
  • Member of the Quality Committee, HSN, Sudbury
  • Chair, Sudbury Leadership Committee, Sudbury
  • Member and Co-Chair, Partners for Children and Youth, Sudbury and Manitoulin Area
  • Mayor’s Round Table, Sudbury
  • Campaign Chair, Sudbury United Way
Tony Tilly Photo

Tony Tilly
Role: Education Strategy Advisor TCI and Partner, Compass North Consulting

Tony Tilly, Education Strategy Advisor TCI and Partner, Compass North Consulting

Tony’s career has been founded in teaching and focused on leadership and change. He loves a combination of public service and private enterprise, describing Canada’s colleges as public enterprises and dedicating himself to developing the two components in that description.

Tony has first-hand experience in all academic roles from professor to vice-president. From 2004 to 2018 he was President of Fleming College focused on growth, a stronger college, campus and facility improvements, the education of individual students and partnership. Tony loves working with the ‘big picture’ and solving problems.

Lives and works in: Peterborough, Ontario


Undergraduate honours degree in English, Glendon College
Graduate degree in linguistics/stylistics, York University
Doctorate completed in 1980 as a part-time student while teaching full-time, York University

Joined Thomas Cole Inc. in 2020
Co-founded Compass North Consulting in 2018

Sonia Crook Photo

Sonia Crook
Role: Education Strategy Advisor TCI and Partner, Compass North Consulting

Sonia Crook, Education Strategy Advisor TCI and Partner, Compass North Consulting

Sonia brought career success in private enterprise to a lead role at Fleming where she was Vice president of Human Resources, Strategic Planning and Student Services. Her colleagues saw her as a transformational leader with the capability to connect strategy and organizational development initiatives to achieve sustainable change. She is the person who wanted to go farther and faster while ensuring there was deep connection and involvement in any initiative. She has facilitation, design thinking, leadership and team development capabilities.

At Fleming, Sonia generated a model approach to human resources, three successful strategic plans, an inspiring core promise to students and a method to enhance creative leadership using an applied learning model. She is focused on insights, strategies, excellence in recruitment, creative leadership and unique projects.

Lives and works in:  Peterborough, Ontario


Masters of Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier
Organizational Development Certificate – Northwestern University

Joined Thomas Cole Inc. in 2020
Co-founded Compass North Consulting in 2018

Susan Dineen Photo

Susan Dineen, Co-founder, CCL
Role: Student skills development expertise, bridging K-12 and Colleges with Industry
Experience: 40 years of business- and skills-development expertise

Susan Dineen, Skills Expert

Susan is a passionate and inspiring business leader with a decisive leadership style and proven track record focused on strategy, innovation, culture, creativity and transformation. Susan brings a unique combination of practical business and extensive corporate experience to any engagement. She has held executive roles in Information Technology, Marketing, New Media, Business Development, Customer Service, Human Resources, Communication and Strategy. Susan brings a unique combination of practical business and extensive corporate experience to any engagement. Susan is currently focused on the intersection of technology and people. She is writing a book on the Skills Gap and how organizations can reduce their business risk through effective talent planning.

Susan will lead the focuses on student experience bringing together various project stakeholders to design in student learning opportunities which will inspire & attract the next generation into ‘green jobs’ and provide opportunities for hands-on work experience.  Opportunities could include expert panels & roundtables with project partners as invited participants, opportunities to be mentored, work experience programs, placements, co-op/internships or capstone.


BSc, University of Windsor

Professional Affiliations:

  • Member, SHRM, Society of Human Resource Management
  • Curriculum Advisory Board, Information Management, Georgian College
  • Curriculum Advisory Board, School of Business, Operations Management, Centennial College
  • Advisory Board Member, ITAC, Coaching to Career & National Innovation Initiative
  • Member: Communication Technology Consultants

Areas of Expertise:

  • Expertise in Skills Gap/Shortages
  • Technology & Innovation Strategy
  • Culture Team Building
  • Project Management

Business Experience:

  • Legacy Next Strategies
  • FOX GROUP Consulting (Strategy & Skills Gap Consultant)
  • Airus3D (Tech start-up in the Cultural & Education Sectors)
  • Sony Music Entertainment (Marketing, New Media & Tech)
  • Ault Foods

Consulting Experience:

  • Public Ontario University – Unified Communication & Skills
  • Crown Corporation – Unified Communication & VoIP Project
  • Professional Association – Consulting around Merger
  • Non-Profit Government Agency – IT Strategic Review
  • One Million Acts of Innovation – Flourish Student Program
  • National Digital Broadcaster – Lead major innovation project

Board & Advisory Positions:

  • Street Health – Advisory Board Member
  • Crisis Services Canada – Board Vice President
  • Immigrant Women in Business – Founding Member
  • ICTA – Coaching to Career program

Articles, Presentations & Webinar’s:

  • Staffageddon – Is the Tech Skills Gap Fact or Fiction
  • Watch the Wave – How the Grey Tsunami will impact Tech Skills
  • Women in Technology – Why So Few?
  • The Technology Skills Gap 101
  • The Data Scientist Skills Gap
  • The Future of Work
  • Need Help? Call 911 but will they Find you In Time?
Stuart Galloway Photo

Stuart Galloway
Role: EPC Expert and Advisor
Experience: 30 years working in finance and structuring EPCs

Stuart Galloway, EPC Expert and Advisor

Energy, infrastructure renewal and capital planning strategist Stuart is a seasoned management consultant and business executive, specializing in energy and infrastructure renewal and project finance through is advisory business Espirito Corp.

Drawing on 25 years of proven success for major global and local organizations, he is known for counselling senior leaders and Boards on consensus building, adoption and right-fit strategies to drive defined results.

Concurrent to Espirito Corp, Stuart is the CEO for Energy Services Association Canada (ESAC), a not-for-profit organization responsible for promoting performance-based solutions for energy and infrastructure renewal initiatives, resulting in fiscally and environmentally responsible outcomes. Prior to this he was the lead of a national capital and infrastructure project solutions practice providing expertise for strategic capital planning, deal structuring and procurement advice. His advisory roles include project expertise across the UK, Europe and Canada, across both the public and private sector. Working predominantly on large or complex performance-based projects and with over $15 billion capital worth of projects to his acclaim, Stuart has also delivered a number of cutting-edge pathfinders in Canada, leading the way for similar successful projects.

Stuart is both technically qualified and financially experienced with specialist expertise working with senior government to deliver alternative project delivery models, financing structures, partnering arrangements and framework agreements. Stuart has Top Secret level clearance from the Federal Government and is an Executive Board member of the Clean Air Partnership. Through effective decision making with execution abilities, Stuart consistently produces exceptional positive results.

Lives in: Markham, Ontario
Works in: Across Canada


BSc Hons

Passion: Loves to be outdoors, whether on a motorcycle, walking or diving in the ocean. Enjoys big open spaces and the wildlife found there

Little known fact: Stuart spent nearly a decade as an ultramarathon runner

Favourite Quote: As a great believer in progress he is often heard to misquote Einstein with the simple phrase “If you do what you always do, you get what you always got.” Also Stuart’s own “let us consider the Art of the Possible”

Casey Goossens Photo

Casey Goossens
Role:  Business Development, Cleaner Air for Schools
Experience:  35 years plus as a business owner operator, with a decade of school board experience

Casey Goossens, Business Developer

Casey Goossens is an energetic, results oriented executive with experience in all levels of business including managing senior level executives, key account development, and building strategic business alliances.  He is an innovative team leader with analytical and problem-solving abilities as well as strong interpersonal skills.  Casey has considerable experience in business development, trouble shooting, and implementing change.  Mr. Goossens has recently come out of retirement to help learning institutions better understand the technologies available to combat the war on COVID-19.

Casey held senior (President or VP positions) in several retail chains such as Living Lighting and United Co-operators of Ontario.  The main point of his career begins with a ten-year stint with Duke Solutions Canada as the VP of business development focused on developing large energy performance contracts, mainly for the Ontario school board sector.  Casey was responsible for providing the Toronto District School Board with the most comprehensive performance contract in Canada at the time.

From there, Mr. Goossens joined Physical Planning Technologies Inc. (PPTI), leading software for facility capital asset management to lead their business development strategies across Canada and the US.  PPTI provided the. As VP, Casey provided the two largest applications of the software in both countries – one being The Boeing Company in Tacoma, Washington: and, the second being to the Ministry of Education for Ontario.

Mr. Goossens then became President, CEO, and Partner with idAlerts Canada Inc., a company that offered identity theft protection and credit management tools through its unique integration with the Canadian Credit Bureaus, namely Equifax and Trans Union.  After ten successful years the company was sold to The Collinson Group in London, UK – prompting Mr. Goossens to retire from business life.

After two years of retirement, Casey feels compelled to contribute to the overwhelming issues COVID-19 is having on education and the safe return to the classroom for children and their teachers.  He has found that calling with TCI.

Personally, Mr. Goossens has been involved with several charity organizations, most notably 15  years with Sunshine Dreams for Kids, working at every leve from:  starting a fundraising chapter in Toronto; to National Board of Directors; to ultimately become Chair of that Board for four years.

Mark Wilhelm Photo

Mark Wilhelm
Role: Greenhouse gas roadmap development, building energy strategist, on-site renewable energy and micro-grid development
Experience: 35 years, in 2017 was voted one of the top 50 energy managers in North America

Mark Wilhelm, Energy & GHG Management Consultant

Mark is a Managing Consultant with Tierra Resource Consultants, LLC. He has 35 years of experience in the energy industry, including 18 years in the utility sector and 20 years in sustainable building design, construction and operations. Mark develops and implements aggressive energy efficiency, renewable energy, and carbon reduction strategies for clients. His specialty is guiding clients toward cost-effective, carbon-neutral operations using a proprietary GHG roadmap approach. He recently served as the chief sustainability executive for Ameresco, the largest energy services firm in North America. His consulting experience spans all customer segments and includes organizational strategy, program development, and implementation. He has consulted on 70 MSF of high-performance buildings and developed 40 MW of renewable energy systems. He has consulted on 100 sustainable developments with Fortune 500 companies, utilities, government agencies, research organizations, colleges, universities, and school districts. He has directed LEED certification efforts for 80 projects and trained 6,000 professionals in sustainable design. He has managed $20 million of energy technology R&D at EPRI and founded and led two successful sustainability consultancies. Mark has lectured university students and addressed over 100 worldwide audiences. In 2017 Mark was named a Top 50 Energy Manager in North America by Energy Manager Today Magazine.


1982 Professional Master’s Degree, Environmental Planning (MEP), Arizona State University
1979 B.A., Economics (cum laude), University of Massachusetts/Amherst

Professional Certification:

  • 2014 Certified Carbon Reduction Manager (CRM), License 268, Association of Energy Engineers
  • 2011 Certified Energy Manager (CEM), License 19465, Association of Energy Engineers
  • 2011 LEED AP O+M, License GBCI 19465, U.S. Green Building Council
  • 2002 LEED AP, U.S. Green Building Council

Community Engagement:

  • 2014-Present Arizona State University, Professional Science Masters, Solar Energy Engineering & Commercialization – Industry Advisor

Featured Experience:

Professional History

2019-Present – Managing Consultant, Tierra Resource Consultants, LLC
2017-2019 – Energy, Sustainability & Climate Change Consultant, Quest Energy Group, LLC
2015-2017 – Corporate Director, Sustainability & Climate Neutrality Initiatives, Ameresco, Inc.
2013-2015 – Director, Carbon Neutrality Initiatives, Ameresco, Inc.
2004-2013 – Principal & Co-Founder, Green Ideas Building Science Consultants, Inc.
2000-2004 – Principal and Founder, GreenBuilt Consulting, LLC
1998-2004 – Product Line Leader, Electric Power Research Institute
1985-1998 – Management, Arizona Public Service Company

Professional Services

2017-Present – Climate Change Leaders – co-founder
2017-Present – Mohawk College – GHG & Climate Change Advisor
2013-2018 – Arizona State University – GHG & Climate Change Advisor
2017-2018 – CECCE – Climate Change Consultant
2017 – Georgian College – GHG & Climate Change Advisor
2018-2019 – CSCNO – Climate Change Consultant
2011-2013 – Paradise Valley Unified School District – Solar Consultant
2008-2013 – Albuquerque Public Schools – Sustainability Consultant
2004-2006 – Agua Fria Union High School District – Sustainability Consultant

Hyunji Kim Photo

­­­Hyunji Kim
Role: Graphic / Web Designer

Hyunji Kim is a recent graduate of Graphic Design at Mohawk College. Kim collaborated in developing real-world marketing and communications solutions with the Climate Change Leaders team producing the CCL logo and website design while working with the Agency.  The Agency is an experiential learning facility operating within the McKeil School of Business at Mohawk College. Kim is also a member of the marketing team for CCL and TCI.

Previously Kim, worked with the Office of Sustainability the Marketing Department at Mohawk College designing various promotional pieces including: posters, J-signs, TV screen ads, emails and web banners. It was through these experiences, Kim learned to project manage multiple simultaneous creative design projects, concept creation, graphic design, and visual conceptualization.

With passionate heart, Hyunji Kim wants to be a designer who can stretch the boundaries of web design and digital storytelling to help people make a difference in this world.

Lives and works in: Hamilton, ON

Education:  Graphic Design, Mohawk College

Passion:  Travel, art and life-long learning

Favourite quote: “Have the courage to follow your heart and the intuition. They somehow know what you truly want to become.” – Steve Jobs

Heather Rosen Photo

Heather Rosen
Role: Writer

Heather Rosen, Writer

Heather is a seasoned communications professional with over 25 years of combined experience in advertising, direct marketing, branding and corporate communications. She brings strong strategic writing and editing skills to the table.

She has experience with a wide range of clients in many sectors, including energy/green energy, education, hospitality, food and confectionary, financial, consumer pharmaceuticals, publishing and technology.

Little Known Fact: Heather began writing songs when she was 16 years old, and holds a copyright with the Library of Congress.

Passions:  Heather is an avid bird-watcher, conservationist and culture maven who loves film, art, music and travel, and is also an avowed seafood enthusiast.

Favourite Quote: My grandmother, who was a successful and creative businesswoman, always said this: “If you don’t ask, you don’t get.”

Liz Beatty Photo

Liz Beatty
Role: Host & Executive Producer

Liz Beatty, Writer, Broadcaster, Podcaster, Producer, Communications Pro

Liz Beatty is an award-winning feature writer, broadcaster and podcaster. She’s won the 2020 Gold Lowell Thomas Award for Radio Broadcasting and her show North Americana took both 2020 Gold and Silver Lowell Thomas Awards for Best Podcast.

Liz had been a regular contributor to National Geographic Travel magazine, books and blogs for years. She writes too for Canadian Geographic, The Guardian, T+L, AARP, The Walrus, Toronto Life and others. She’s an alumna of the revered Transom Radio Documentary Workshop. She’s a weekly contributor on SiriusXM Canada Talks. Before North Americana, Liz launched Native Traveler in 2017 as host and executive producer on SiriusXM Canada Talks. For two years running, Native Traveler won top honours in radio broadcasting/podcasting from both the Society of American Travel Writers and the North American Travel Journalists Association.

Liz is also a veteran branded content creator and consultant. She’s worked with such enviable brands as design icons Herman Miller, slow travel gurus Butterfield & Robinson Travel, Greater Toronto Marketing Alliance, Town of Caledon Economic Development, Toronto Tourism, & Empire Life, among others.

Lives and works in: Brimstone, Caledon ON
Education: English Literature from Victoria College, University of Toronto
Passion: Family, basset hounds, cottage living, sustainable travel.
Little-known fact: Her sons tease her mercilessly that she was once runner up for Miss Cheerleader of Canada.

Favourite quote: “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t – you’re right,” – Henry Ford.

Liz Beatty Photo

Lyndsey Wasilik
Role: Marketing and Sales Co-ordinator

Lyndsey Wasilik, Marketing and Sales Co-ordinator

Having studied Advanced Graphic Design & Illustration at Mohawk College and graduated with honours, Lyndsey Wasilik’s love for communication through design has only grown as the years went on.

Alongside a fantastic and talented team, Lyndsey helped create the current logo and website for Climate Change Leaders through a program called The Agency at Mohawk College; a program that brings students and clients together.

Throughout her years she has designed web sites, magazine spreads, illustrations, direct and email marketing campaigns, social media and print ads, virtual reality illustrations, and a multitude of logos.

Being a part of a passionate, positive team where she can utilize her creativity with a company that is trying to change the world for the better, is of great importance to her.

She is also a chef at The Hearty Hooligan.

Education: Graphic Design, Mohawk College
Passion: Dance, self-development, and animals.

Favourite quote: “If you always do what interests you, at least one person is pleased.” — Katharine Hepburn

Climate Change Leaders is a registered trademark and property of Thomas Cole Inc.

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