7 Tips to Save Energy & Reduce Carbon in Your Schools


_ 7 Tips to Save Energy & Reduce Carbon in Your Schools _ Written by Josh Lewis, VP Energy Engineering, Nerva Energy Group _ Managing energy performance and carbon emissions is no easy task. Each school building is unique, and as a result, will require a different combination of measures in order to drive maximum efficiency. As we approach the upcoming heating season school boards will be faced with two new fiscal and operational challenges – rising utility rates and the Federal Carbon Tax. In Ontario, electricity rates are estimated to rise by [...]

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Sustainable Seneca


_ Sustainable Seneca _ _ Building Partnerships across Academics, Operations, Community and Culture. _ Exciting changes are afoot at Seneca, which now includes more than 45,000 full-time students and more than 45,000 part-time registrants. With the recently established Office of Sustainability, the institution is now putting its core values front and centre in a way that embodies “sustainable Seneca.” Don Forster, Director of Seneca’s Office of Sustainability "The mission of the Office of Sustainability is to integrate sustainability into all aspects of Seneca, making us the sustainable Seneca. From the top [...]

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