Lloyds of London Endorse REME-LED to Protect Employees Across All Locations

Featuring Andrew Hobbs Managing Director of Better Indoors, hosted and produced by Liz Beatty

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Andrew Hobbs, CEO, Healthy Indoor Environments Ltd t/a Better Indoors

There’s a bright spotlight these days on indoor air quality, like never before. But with that attention, companies are popping up, each promising a panacea of results.  It’s hard to make sense of it all, to know what solutions are the real deal.  Misinformation abounds. TCI, Nerva, we stand behind the industry-leading solutions of RGF for three key reasons: They are science, not marketing-based. They offer exhaustive third-party lab-tested and proven technology with exceptional results. And they’ve proven their promises for decades in North America, now extending around the world.  Today we hear about one of those applications, a story from across the pond about an Iconic company and a global leader in risk assessment and management, Lloyds of London. Like us, they too chose REME-LED to meet the challenges of these extraordinary times. Listen in…

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Liz Beatty 00:06
I’m Liz BD, and this is the new healthy building podcast. There’s a bright spotlight these days on indoor air quality, like never before. And that’s a good thing for schools for hospitals, workplaces, and more. But with all the attention, companies are popping up, each promising a panacea of results. Miss information abounds, it can be hard to make sense of it all to know what solutions are the real deal at Thomas Cole Inc, and our partners Nerva, we choose to stand behind duct Sealing and REME-LED technology for these simple but compelling reasons. First, their manufacturer RGF is entirely science driven, not a marketing based company. Second, their products are extensively third party tested was unmatched results. And last, they didn’t just pop up to exploit a pandemic market opportunity. RGF have been proving their promises about indoor air quality for decades across North America, and now extending around the world. Today, we hear about one of those applications a story from across the pond of one company world renowned for doing their homework. They are global leaders in risk assessment and management. And like us, they chose REME-LED to meet the challenges of these extraordinary times listening.

Andrew Hobbs 01:53
We’d Lloyd’s of London. They actually approached us about just a few days after the first lockdown. So it was around about March last year.

Liz Beatty 02:02
That’s Andrew Hobbs had a better indoors there long established h fac and air purification specialists, just outside of London, England, like Thomas Cole, Better Indoors see RGF products as the industry leaders. And that’s precisely what brought Lloyd’s of London to their doorstep.

Andrew Hobbs 02:24
In the case of Lloyds, they weren’t very well researched. And once they met me and once they listened to what I said. And once they’ve done their verifications, they will click quickly able to conclude that RGF is a manufacturer in these products. His products were the were the way to go.

Liz Beatty 02:42
Probably not surprising, Lloyds had done their homework. They are, of course, the London based iconic insurance and reinsurance market, dating back to 1686. assessing how well to keep people and their belongings safe and secure is kind of their business. But even with all their research, Lloyd’s had more to learn about all that REME-LED technology could offer.

Andrew Hobbs 03:10
Everybody thought that this problem would be done by summer, at the time. The priority for Lloyds when they first spoke to us was we’re currently doing this month the fogging process, which is on vaporized hydrogen peroxide usually applied when footwear has to be applied when people aren’t in the in the building. But you know, done on a periodic basis once every month or something. It’s a very high concentration of hydrogen peroxide and it it basically kills everything that’s on surfaces, but it’s a one off treatment. Okay, so they said to us, look, we’re doing this once a month, we know that it’s not great because you know, recontamination beginning straightaway. And we’d like to know now that we’re in this pandemic, is there any way that we might be able to improve on this process, maybe even save a bit of money. So by the time we get get out of this in the summer, you know, that sort of thing will be done. And I explained to them that with our technology, it really will essentially eliminate the need to continue to do the fogging, because our process is a continuous process.

Liz Beatty 04:09
In other words, it’s like fogging all the time without toxic chemicals or the need to empty their workspaces of people. Lloyd’s was impressed. But of course, they wanted proof.

Andrew Hobbs 04:22
We embarked on a process of verifying that claim which they did, where we installed on an entire floor nearly 5000 square meters of floor space, they use the same metric that they were using for their current cleaning, the only way to really do a proper test I said to them was to install on a floor we can simulate a production environment, and then you guys need to select at random locations where we can take these swabbing. That’s the same sort of swabbing that you do with the fogging process. So just select services, swab the locations and then we can compare the measurements and the proof with They’re in spades. And when I went up there to see them, I went to see the facilities guys and said, right guys come on. And when we got to do the test, and they said, Well, actually, we’ve already done it. And I thought that was that was quite good immediately said that though they were very pleased with the results, because they’d seen very rapid reductions in the organic loading on the services as measured by the ATP, just as I said that they would. But those levels have been maintained at the low level, just like I said, that they would you see? And then they decided, right, we’re going to roll this out, not in their main, you know, iconic building in the city of London, but also in all of their other UK state. So it’s a no for us is a real massive endorsement. You’re quite right.

untreated air volume treated air over time (this is actual data from a client)
which shows the sort of results that can be expected.


Liz Beatty 05:44
That’s 55,000 square meters and over 5,000 employees impacted just in the iconic London location alone.

Andrew Hobbs 05:53
Yeah, I mean, this, this project is a very important project for them. I obviously, because they obviously want to make the the environment as safe as possible. Obviously, it’s a very, very large building. So making the environment safe. And obviously saving money at the same time is a big win.

Liz Beatty 06:10
What a profound endorsement. But like here, there’s a lot of confusing and inaccurate information circulating in the British market as well.

Andrew Hobbs 06:20
There’s no doubt that a project like this has been beneficial to us. And it’s been beneficial to the reputation and and basically the image of the technology in the local British marketplace as a consequence of doing that project. There’s no doubt about that. But let’s also then talk about the issue of the misinformation because that’s, that’s also extremely true since since the pandemic started, there’s been all sorts of new products being offered, not necessarily new technologies, but also all sorts of new products being offered. And of course, the common feature of all these new products is that they’re all, you know, capable of solving the Coronavirus, and they all work brilliantly. And all this. And none of these companies will tell you is the conditions that needs to be met in order for those technologies to work. And I’ve also seen a good number of companies who are selling technologies like bipolar ionization only, okay, who aren’t really fully aware of exactly what their technologies are capable of, and what they’re not. So, yeah, so if you look at what RGF’s products actually are, it’s not ours. Yes, technology is different. Because it’s different technologies. There’s RGF’s products are actually a combination of a number of technologies built, built together.

Liz Beatty 07:34
Also, like here, part of delivering the leading science based indoor air quality solution is being a thought leader to making sure the correct information is getting to the key decision makers. Our shared future depends on it.

Andrew Hobbs 07:49
There’s a lot of useful information that can be conveyed to people in public office, about this technology in the context of how do we prepare to emerge globally, from this lockdown, and like, basically, space is safer for everybody. You know that the society in general has got to learn from this and you know, make sure that if we take a step forward, we don’t end up taking a step backwards.

Liz Beatty 08:15
Andrew says RGF technologies are helping Britain build back from the pandemic, in other fields to across Britain, healthcare, education, and more. It’s hard not to get caught up in his enthusiasm. But like us, it’s making a real difference in people’s lives. That fuels his passion.

Andrew Hobbs 08:37
You know, Lloyd’s, Mishcon, all the big projects that we’ve done, they’ve tested them, and they’re happy with them. And so on. The one I think that is equally as impressive is this one, let me describe. So a few weeks ago, we received a phone call from a woman who lives in hounds out by Heathrow Airport, and I saw terraced ground floor flats of terraced houses being converted a ground floor flat and a first floor flat. And she said to us, my son has just been diagnosed, we covered and this was, by the way, it’s about in February, it’s freezing cold here. And I’m worried that we’re all gonna catch it. And I’ve read about your your technology, can you get one of your units put in my house, so we don’t all cash this thing? Because she said, we can’t open windows. We don’t we don’t have the money. It’s, you know, it’s we don’t follow the guidance. So she said, I’m not sure it works anyway. But if we open windows, all of our energy goes out. I can’t afford to do that. So I want something that’s going to be protecting us. And we think that your technology might do it. So anyway, we’re able to get a unit across here that day. All right. And three days later, she rings up and says, well, not the sit my son’s symptoms have all disappeared. She said My other son, he sleeps in the same room as him, okay? They don’t wear masks or anything at home. It’s very small place three people live there. She said that my other son is that he’s had asthma symptoms ever since. He lived in this house for five years, all of his symptoms have all disappeared. And she was very happy with it and said that, you know, my son starting to feel better now all of his symptoms are going away, starting to feel stronger. And anyway, we didn’t hear from her again for about a month. And when she called us back in about four weeks after that, and she told me that we’ve all had five COVID tests since I last spoke to you. And none of us have had this virus at all my son has recovered. And it’s ancient history. As far as he’s concerned, he’s happy. He’s walking around feeling very good and confident. And that is, in my opinion, perhaps the most powerful is very, very common feedback that you know, where people install it. And within a few days, everything’s different, the air is different. It feels like breathing, mountain fresh air, that sort of thing. It makes you feel so good when someone tells you that, you know, I mean, it’s 1000 times more rewarding than anything I’ve ever done in my in my financial services career. I used to travel the world when I used to do that. And I loved working there. But this is just different. This is real people’s lives that you’re improving, and it is the most fulfilling thing I’ve ever done with my life. And I’m so pleased to hear things like that you know that we can make a real difference and make people feel so much better. You know?

Liz Beatty 11:29
For more information on anything you’ve heard today, check out Thomas Cole inc.com that’s thomoscoleinc.com. I’m Liz Beatty this has been the new healthy building podcast. Thanks for listening.

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